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     HappyOtto is a family company founded by two partners Andrejs and Aija with a mission of making the senior life enjoyable.

     With a trust in the power of community, we bring together helpful community members with seniors who might need assistance to avoid isolation or loneliness. We build a bridge between generations by educating about a better shift for the changes brought by the time.

     HappyOtto is the name of our brand while the name "Otto" makes our brand more personal and relatable. For us, Otto is not just a random man’s name. The launch of the company was interrupted by the sudden death of Andrej's father. That made us realise that all the various plans about spending more time with your family, taking your father on the hot air balloon ride promised a while ago, and many other things were postponed because of all those pressing things in your life, leaving your plans neglected...

     Something like this gives you a clear understanding that one small thing that you could do for a loved one now (or yesterday would be even better) is more important than any of your super grand plans! You have that feeling of regret because now this thing you kept postponing will never happen! Eventually, you realise that the only chance you have to look after your loved ones is here and now!

     Otto was a very special person and was one of the main reasons why this company was founded. Despite his advanced age, he always maintained a childlike curiosity for new things with endless enthusiasm for exploring. His energy and spirit forms part of our company's DNA to make the lives of your loved ones meaningful and happy. Otto will always remind us of the value of close friends and family. We hope HappyOtto will also become your trusted good companion.

Help seniors forget what they "CAN'T" and show that there is still so much to be discovered, tried, and enjoyed!

Reduce social inequalities and promote access to quality aging for people in rural and urban areas.

Become the most satisfying and enjoyed senior companionship & care provider in Europe.







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