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We are a companionship community created to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of elderly people.



Shared activities

We find people of all ages that could share with you, your partner, parent or grandparent common interests - walking, chess games, aerobics, table tenis, board games, etc.


We understand - sometimes cleaning for elderly is harder as with age we start to loose our strength, bending may be harder and we get tired faster, that's when HappyOtto volunteers can come and help!

Art therapy

Various artsy activities are very helpful to not only entertain a person, but also help discover new hobbies, keep the mind active, practice calm and patience as well as simply excercise body motor skills. We have a qualified art therapist in the team. 

Travel companions

It's more fun and safer when you can travel with people of all ages that can accompany or assist the seniors for shorter or longer trips.

Friends for
cultural activities

We find people of all ages that join the senior for sightseeing, art exhibits, theater and other cultural activities. This way thay can go out more often and gain new friends at any age.


Everybody loves to celebrate birthdays, family gatherings and other special days, but it takes a certain amount of planning. We take the planning on us so that seniors can enjoy conversations and activities with loved ones.

Home cooking

We know that with time cooking may become a dull activity for some seniors and that's why we offer to find volunteers that would love cooking home food for your senior or together with her/him.

Assistance to
doctor visits

We help you find friendly assistants for doctor visits who can accompaign the senior with understanding and compassion, and also remind her/him about daily medication, blood pressure measurements etc.

Home safety

Naturally, with age our bones become thinner, memory may loose it's precision, the hands start loosing the grip and legs don't like sharp movements. To avoid having injuries, we've made a checklist to help equip elderly homes with safety gadgets.

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